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Watch Dr. Amador demonstrate how to use the LEAP® method.


In this companion video to the best-selling book, “I AM NOT SICK, I Don’t Need Help!” you will learn how to use the LEAP® method, which shows health care professionals, law enforcement and family members how to partner with people with mental illness, even when they don’t believe they’re ill.

“I strongly recommend the LEAP DVDs in which Xavier Amador shows you how to provide respectful and judgment-free care to individuals with poor insight, or anosognosia. He skillfully creates scenarios in which you get a chance to experience the fear and isolation that comes with anosognosia and mental illness. The workshop role-plays are powerful tools that encourage empathy and agreement.”

Aaron T. Beck, M.D. (President Emeritus, Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania)