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Bob Reiss

Bob Reiss is a Washington Post best selling author and journalist, a former Chicago Tribune reporter, and former correspondent for Outside magazine. His work has also appeared in the "Washington Post Magazine," "Smithsonian," "Parade," "Rolling Stone," "Newsweek," "Fortune." and other national publications. Much of his thriller fiction is based on his travels as a journalist in remote corners of the Earth; the Arctic, the Amazon rainforest, and trouble spots in Africa. Bob has been a guest on "Good Morning America," "Morning Joe," Nightline," "CNN," "Al Jazeera" and on public radio, discussing his work. "I've always been fascinated by the border between order and anarchy," he says. "In my non-fiction I explore it in our real world. In the fiction, I can speculate what might happen to us in the future."

Bob was the winner of a New York Press Club 2018 "best reporting" award for his coverage of the state and fate of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the Trump era. He's been a finalist for the National Magazine Award.

Under the name of James Abel, Bob is author of the acclaimed series of thriller novels starring bio-terror expert and former Marine Joe Rush. "White Plague" starts the series. Under his other pseudonym, Ethan Black, Bob penned a five novel series about a New York City detective whose cop family reaches back to Colonial times. The first novel in that series is "The Broken Hearts Club."

Bob's newest book, a collection of short stories titled "Still Hungry, Tales From the Shadows," will be published in September 2022 as an e book.

Six of Bob's books have been optioned for film.